About Collaborative Family Law Institute

The Collaborative Family Law Institute is a professional association of Attorneys, Financial Professionals, Mental Health Professionals and Mediators who are trained to work together and facilitate the benefits of the Collaborative Process. This Process assists divorcing spouses and unmarried couples to manage conflicts and work towards a transition of their relationship that can avoid the acrimony, anxiety and financial cost that often accompanies litigation, thereby protecting the integrity and health of future family relationships.

The Collaborative Family Law Institute supports the Collaborative Process by:

Creating awareness

in the larger community about the Collaborative Process, including how parties can be empowered to make their own decisions based upon their own needs and interests.

Encouraging standards

and protocols of professional service for clients engaged in the Collaborative Process through educational programs for its members.

Providing training

and guidance to Collaborative Professionals on how to use the Collaborative Process and its numerous resources to meet the needs of transitioning family members.