Value In Being A Scribe

Have you completed your Introductory Collaborative training and wondering: now what? You can volunteer to be a Scribe and learn from seeing an actual case from start to finish. You must commit to participating in the entire case. You will be responsible for taking notes for all team meetings and sharing them with the professionals and clients. It’s an invaluable mentoring and learning opportunity. If you are interested in being a scribe, the CFLI will match volunteers with Collaborative teams. With almost all meetings conducted virtually, it’s a great opportunity to observe colleagues from throughout the state. 

A scribe is a wonderful way for a professional who is new to collaborative to see the inter-workings of a Team Meeting, learn from more experienced collaborative professionals, and network within the collaborative group! – Rachel Klastorin Samek, Esq.

“I have had the pleasure and honor of serving as a scribe on a couple of collaborative cases with professionals I consider mentors.  My experience has been extremely positive.  By serving as a scribe, I have learned a lot about the collaborative process by taking notes and observing team dynamics.  By serving as a scribe, I have gained a better understanding of the collaborative process, and I have obtained first-hand observations of varying styles of proceeding in an interest-based, professional team environment.  I now not only understand that there is not a one size fits all approach, but I have gained practical experience of how successful the collaborative process is from a legal perspective, mental health perspective, and a financial viewpoint for everyone involved, including the professionals.  I would recommend the role of a scribe to any new professional looking to immerse solely in the collaborative process as a collaborative professional.  By doing so, you are allowing other professionals to get to know who you are, how you work, and build trust in your abilities.  In turn, you will grow your collaborative practice.” – Kristen Goss| KWG Family