Minimize Conflict Between You: Choose Collaborative Divorce

by:  Stewart L. Applerouth, CPA

Co-Founder of Appelrouth Farah & Co,

We are experiencing public conflict through protest at this time in history. Conflict, at times, may be useful and needed, and can bring about positive change.  However, in emotionally charged marital matters, conflict is a negative emotion that rarely creates a positive outcome.  Divorce can cause irreparable harm to relationships that affect the ability for spouses to be civil involving matters that affect adult children or growing children involving their school or social events.

The Collaborative Process can reduce conflict in divorce and enhance the lines of communication through honest discussion.  When spouses are separated and have new significant others in their lives, the Collaborative Process can avoid litigation arising from negative memories and emotions during the marriage.  Such matters may also have complex financial issues involving high net worth individuals, real estate development and rental activities, valuation of business entities and assets, business litigation, and budgeting for adult children.  

I recall a matter having the potential for high conflict from a long separation and complex financial issues where the Collaborative Process was selected. This peaceful and structured process enabled the spouses to work together and amicably arrive at fair outcomes for both of them, even when a spouse proposed a solution to his or her personal detriment.

I encourage individuals who have decided to end their marital relationship, to consider whether the Collaborative Process makes sense for their situation.  Always remember that reducing conflict sustains your emotional wellness and other relationships that endure beyond the divorce.