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CFLI General Membership Meeting

April 26, 2023 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

The Enneagram and Collaborative Practice

Modern-day stressors have created a population that is more reactive, aggressive, and polarized
than we have experienced in a long time, if ever before. Every action invites a response and/or a
reaction from others. Join Dr. Randy Heller as she discusses what drives our behavior using the
Enneagram and how to successfully manage it by providing strategies to be the most effective
Collaborative professionals and overall individuals that we can be. Not only will Dr. Heller’s
presentation impact our Teamwork, but our endeavors as peacemakers as well.
The Enneagram is an archetypal framework consisting of nine types that offer in-depth insight to
individuals, groups, and collectives. Consisting of three Centers of intelligence, nine enneagram
types, wings, twenty-seven subtypes, harmonics, and hornevians, this model offers a rich map to
personal development from an open systems perspective. It does not box people in but rather
opens a pathway to self-discovery and greater personal awareness. The Integrative Enneagram
unlocks and supports your journey of self-discovery and uncovers the patterns of behavior that
subconsciously drive and motivate us to behave in certain ways. When we make these
motivations conscious, we are able to transcend them and develop richer, more supportive ways
of being. Working with this model empowers individuals to take the first step of responsibility
for their own behaviors and growth, through a greater understanding of why they act and react
the way they do.

Obtain an overview of the nine Enneagram types, information to gain insight into your
predominant type, and how you can utilize this information effectively to better understand
yourself in the context of your relationships and circumstances.

Dr. Randy Heller received her doctorate in Family Therapy from Nova Southeastern University.
She has held multiple positions as an Educator, Exceptional Student Specialist, and Family
Counselor for The Broward County School Board beginning in 1980. She is now a Licensed
Mental Health Counselor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Florida, New York
and Connecticut. Dr. Heller is further a Certified Supreme Court Family Mediator, Qualified
Parenting Coordinator, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Founder and Clinical Director of The
Family Network, Collaborative Counseling Center for Positive Growth and Change.

Dr. Heller is a clinical member and approved supervisor of the American Association of
Marriage and Family Therapists. She is also an active member of the International Academy of
Collaborative Professionals (IACP), serves as a current Board member of the New York
Association of Collaborative Professionals (NYACP) and the Collaborative Family Law
Professionals of South Florida (CFLPSF), is Past President of the CFLPSF, is Co-Chair for the
Research Committees for IACP and standing Chair of the Research Committee for FACP, on the
IACP Higher Education Task Force, and had participated as member of the Access to
Collaboration Committees of the IACP for many years. Dr. Heller also developed the
NSU/Mission United/Family Network/Collaborative Family Law Professionals Veteran Pro
Bono Clinic, mentoring new Collaborative Professionals and serving veteran families for seven


April 26, 2023
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


April 26, 2023
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm