The New

The Collaborative Family Law Institute has been on the forefront of the Collaborative Law movement in Florida since its inception nearly two decades ago.

evan_marks-e1444148488525Following the success of past Presidents Rosemarie Roth, Robert Merlin, & Marta Alfonso, Mr. Evan Marks had a vision of what his Presidency could accomplish with the support of his fellow members. With fellow member Mr. Robert Merlin leading the way for Collaborative legislature, Mr. Marks knew the next chapter for Collaborative in Florida was going to be exciting and allow families to better resolve their disputes peacefully, mutually, and privately. He wanted to make sure the Greater Miami public would know CFLI was their resource for “breaking the cycle of conflict” through the Collaborative Process. His vision included rethinking the Group’s website to best serve the growing demand of connecting with both the public and professionals on the matter of Collaborative Practice.

Mr. Marks connected with Michael Brockhouse of Collaborative Practice Media to see what could be done. Mr. Marks shared his vision and challenges; while, Mr. Brockhouse took notes and envisioned solutions. In short time, the two agreed upon a plan of action to renovate the CFLI web property to a new standard.

With the renovation of the Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals’ website, logo, branding, and software development project wrapping up, Mr. Brockhouse had his team fired up to take on the new challenges set forth by Mr. Marks.

logo-new-green-blackWe love new challenges. Evan had great ideas that built nicely upon what we’ve been working on for several other Collaborative Groups around Florida. He sort of brought that exotic ingredient to the dish and has now forever changed it for the better. The challenges he presented us with will serve as a benefit to all Groups moving forward. – Michael Brockhouse, Collaborative Practice Media

The CFLI website renovation focused on improving the user-experience & interface, injecting the human element into the design and integrating software such as CPM’s own directory system to create an intuitive, interactive, and functioning online resource for public and professionals.

CFLI invites you to browse the new website to experience it for yourself. Plus, there is more to come so stay tuned.