Our Collaborative Attorneys guide divorcing spouses and other separating clients to a settlement without involving the court system until after an agreement is reached. This allows for resolution on their own terms and outside of the public eye.

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    The Collaborative Process helps clients reach a settlement in a cost-effective manner while preserving family assets and, when appropriate, the relationships between the parties. Making good financial decisions during the divorce process is crucial to the outcome of a fair and equitable settlement.

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    The Collaborative Process is not about winners and losers. Our Mental Health Professionals assist the clients to communicate with respect, ultimately helping them negotiate terms that leave everyone as whole as possible.

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    The Collaborative Process is for parents who want to protect their children from the emotional damage of divorce or a separation. Our professionals construct a stable post-divorce or post-separation parenting relationship that is beneficial to the child.

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Welcome to the Collaborative Family Law Institute (CFLI)

Collaborative Divorce is a voluntary process in which divorcing spouses and others who are terminating their relationship, with the assistance of Collaborative Professionals, work toward a mutually fair and equitable end to their marriage or relationship without the acrimony, anxiety, and financial cost that often accompanies litigation. Through the Collaborative Process, the parties agree to resolve the issues in their dissolution in a mutually beneficial way by making an emotional and financial commitment to resolve their matter privately, outside of the court system. In the Collaborative Process, the parties are empowered to make their own decisions based upon their particular needs and interests.


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